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Farmers Mid-County Feed is your local source for agricultural fencing and gate needs in Southern Illinois. Our options include:

  • Electric Fences
  • Welded Wire Fences
  • T-Posts & Supplies
  • Gate Openers
  • Gates
  • Field Fences
  • Post & Board Fences
  • Chicken Wire & Netting
  • Residential Fences
  • Corral & Feedlot Panels
  • Livestock Handling
  • Barbed Wire Fences
  • Snow Fences
  • Installation & Tools
  • Post Digging Equipment
  • Pet Fences

Choosing the Right Fence

One of the essential responsibilities of having livestock is containing them properly. Whether you need a permanent option or something more portable – Farmers Mid-County Feed has it. There are various types of fencing, all used for different reasons; the key is finding which fencing solution works for you. Read below to help determine which fence is right for your livestock needs.

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Horse Fencing

If you have horses, the most crucial factor that goes into your fencing option is visibility. Horses need to see the fence to help them avoid running into it and becoming tangled. Wood posts and board fences work best for visibility, but they can be a more expensive option. A more portable and affordable choice is wide-strand, electrified poly tape, which is lighter, easy to install, and just as effective.

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Cattle Fencing

To maintain your cattle properly, your fence needs to be at least 54 inches tall. The popular choice used to be barbed wire and woven wire; however, high-tensile wire fencing systems composed of treated wood posts have emerged as the new popular trend. If you are looking to separate your bulls and cows, an electrical fence is the best option.

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Hog Fencing

A good solution for hog fencing is feedlot panel fencing. This type of fencing prevents wire panels from collapsing when livestock run into them. You are able to customize this fence and configure your pasture the way you want. All that you will need to add is a gate.

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Goat Fencing

Goats will find a way through just about any fence. To avoid having to chase your goats down or untangle them from a fence, your best option for happy, healthy, well-contained goats is a goat-net wire fencing solution. For additional security, consider electrifying the fence, but with only one strand of electric wire.

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Electrical Fence Options

Electric fencing is a good solution for containment, no matter what kind of livestock you have, but be careful and always follow safety procedures. Have a “charger” that has enough power to electrify the entire wire that you are using. If you use four strands of wire, multiply the perimeter length by four to determine the total length. Inspect that your fence is properly secured in the ground, which will vary depending on the type of fence. Make sure to read and follow directions carefully. Finally, make sure you post signage to give warning to people that it is an electrified fence.

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