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  • Manufacturer: DryShod Waterproof Footwear

Extreme Conditions Winter Boot. Layers of warmth in a slim profile hug your feet and keep you warm and comfortable all day.

  • Manufacturer: DryShod Waterproof Footwear

Extreme-Cold Conditions Winter Boot. Extra layers of protection provide unsurpassed warmth on the coldest days!

  • Manufacturer: DryShod Waterproof Footwear

When you don’t need a tall boot, but still need protection, the Legend Camp Shoe is ideal. It’s like stepping into your favorite slippers.

  • Manufacturer: DryShod Waterproof Footwear

Rugged Work Boots. Specially designed broad-toe offers superior protection without constricting toes.

  • Manufacturer: DryShod Waterproof Footwear

Hard-Working Farm Boot. Tough conditions call for a tough boot – the Haymaker is ideal for messy, rugged outdoor terrain!

  • Manufacturer: Rescue Lawn Care

Wasps, mud daubers and carpenter bees get caught on the sticky surface. Once stuck, they expire on their own.

  • Manufacturer: Prince Corporation

Singin' Good is an economical and appetizing mixture. Using quality ingredients, this variety blend is formulated to attract a wide array of birds to your backyard. If you're just beginning your bird feeding hobby, then this economical, high quality mix is perfect all year long!

  • Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health

Control of horn flies and lice on beef and dairy cattle, reduction of face flies on beef and dairy cattle, control of live on swine.

  • Manufacturer: Prince Corporation

Attracts a variety of birds to your backyard, year round! We stock high energy, berry much, orange punch and crazy nutty suets!

  • Manufacturer: LaCrosse

Rubber is naturally waterproof and with our proven formulas, our rubber remains durable and waterproof year after year.
Customizable for a secure fit around your calf.
Our revolutionary fit ensures a secure and comfortable fit around your ankles, while gripping the top of your foot and locking your heel in place.

  • Manufacturer: Muck Boot Company

The warmest women’s Muck Boot has been upgraded for improved warmth and comfort for use in some of the coldest conditions. Redesigned for durability and a better fit, the Arctic Sport II works well in the barn, on the mountains, on country roads or city streets.

  • Manufacturer: Muck Boot Company

Comfort and warmth for the most extreme outdoor conditions.

  • Manufacturer: Muck Boot Company

One of our most versatile style, these boots have been updated with a new height and outsole pattern. The Muckster II Ankle is ideal for any chore or task where there is mud, slush or rain. Easy to slip-on and quick to kick-off, makes it a great “leave by the back door” boot. They are at home in the barn or garden and perfect for wearing around camp. Best of all, they feature 4mm Neoprene and the traditional Muck Airmesh lining. Slip them on and you will always feel dry and comfortable.

Some food plot seed companies claim that their oats are the best on the market and have been developed after years of continual research. Real World prefers to educate you with simple truths. We have planted our oats next to the other oats on the market and could not tell a bit of difference and neither could the deer. We are pretty confident that most of the oats being sold to whitetail food-plotters are all the same. The difference is in price. When comparing oats be sure to note the quantity in each bag. Real World Forage Oats come in 50# bags, enough to plant 1 acre.

We came up with this blend of turnips, radish, sugar beets, rape and two different brassicas after years of side by side testing. The result is a product that has seen sales jump substantially year after year telling us that our customers are happy with the results. Fall Plot Topper can be planted alone but we prefer to plant it on top of our oat and Harvest Salad plots. One jug plants ½ acre when planted alone or 1 acre when planted over another product.

Our Whitetail Harvest salad has been our top selling fall-planted seed blends since it was first introduced several years ago. This blend of winter hardy oats, winter wheat and Austrian winter peas will have the deer visiting your plots for the entire hunting season and into the following spring. Don’t be misled by other brands that mix annuals and perennials in their fall seed blends or market no-till products in small bags. Harvest Salad comes in a 50# bag which is enough to plant 1 acre.

CCA southern yellow pine post in 4x8, 5x8, 6x8 & 7x8. Also available woven wire and high tensile barbed wire.

King Ag 3 ton portable feed bin. Stop in and check it out. Or call 618-327-8431 for pricing.

  • Manufacturer: Nestle Petcare

Puppies have unique needs. That's why inside every bag of Purina® Puppy Chow® Complete puppy food is a healthy-start blend of high-quality protein, DHA and all the essential nutrients to lay the foundation for a healthy, active life.