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Our Dryshod Boots Story

We carry the hardest-working footwear in the business, Dryshod. Designed to be durable, comfortable, and 100% waterproof – Dryshods are ideal for any outdoor project. Originally developed with farmers, hunters, gardeners, and other outdoor enthusiasts in mind, Dryshod has set out to become the leading brand in waterproof footwear, keeping your feet warm and dry, even in the harshest of conditions.

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Work Boots

We have a diverse selection of work boots equipped with a variety of features that can protect you and your feet. Whether you are looking for steel toes or composite, slip resistance to help you walk on slick surfaces, or additional safety features, Farmers Mid County Feed has the choices for you. Feel a little bit safer at work with our top of the line selection of work footwear.

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Hunting Boots

While hunting boots might be one of the last things you are thinking about on your hunting trip, you can only go as far as your footwear lets you. There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful buck, but your footwear fails you and you miss your shot. Farmers Mid County Feed has a selection of field boots that offer durability and allow your feet to breathe. We also offer rubber boots that are scent-free to avoid giving your location away to prey. Our models of hunting boots offer boot insulation to keep them from freezing, outsole traction for a better grip on the terrain, and high-cut or low-cut options.

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Waterproof Boot Products

There is nothing more beneficial than having waterproof boots. Aside from keeping your feet warm and dry, they are also great for your hygiene and cleanliness. More often than not, pools of water are not the cleanest. Therefore, you could benefit greatly from the right pair of waterproof boots. Equipped with various safety features, they also provide extreme comfort. Browse Farmers Mid County Feed’s selection of waterproof boots, guaranteed to keep your feet safe and comfortable.

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Outdoor Boot Brands for Nashville Illinois

Farmers Mid-County Feed carries the most comfortable sets of outdoor boots, suitable for any hard worker. These high-performance boot brands can accommodate any lifestyle. Stop by or give us a call regarding availability!

We keep these brands stocked regularly:

  • Muck Boot
  • Lacrosse Boot
  • Georgia Boot
  • Dryshod Boot
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It doesn’t matter if you are preparing to plant flowers in your garden, undergo some minor landscaping, or work on the farm – your clothes and footwear will suffer. This could be a result of animal encounters, heavy labor, and everyday dirt and debris we encounter when working outdoors. The better quality your boots are, the more comfortable you can be in the work environmen. We offer durable, comfortable footwear capable of handling the rigors of outdoor work.

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